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Designer wedding
(A perfect way where your dreams of wedding comes true.)
For the first time ever in the history of events introduces the concept of Designer Wedding. By means of designer weddings you can get : A kind of beautiful wedding decoration which is first time launched by you on your wedding ……………. A kind of wedding sets whose beauty has never ever seen by any one in the world…………………. A kind of wedding sets which can get popularize in this world by your name………….
What are Designer weddings ?
These are the weddings in which Bride & Grooms themselves or their family members decide the lay out or structure or design of stage, Mandap, stalls & back drop etc. THIS ENABLE BRIDE & GROOM TO USE THEIR OWN IMAGINATIONS & CREATIVITY IN ORDER TO CREATE THEIR OWN WEDDING STAGES, MANDAP , STALLS ETC
Our team is perfect in reading your mind & copying your imaginations & creativity on paper by using latest technology, softwares & graphic designing. Once the design is ready, we prepare the original sets of your imaginations....... We can prepare sets of Egypt pyramid both in small scale & large scale.
HENCE at We prepare original sets of your wedding decoration & YOUR DREAM WEDDING COMES TRUE.
Designer wedding could mean creating the streets of Paris in Calcutta or setting up a Rajasthani haveli in Mumbai or the White House in Bangalore or the Mysore Palace in Delhi.Wedding design may be based on Burmese, Sri Lankan and western style pandals ,egpptian, Arabian Nights and ancient Roman themes weddings etc……..
You just have to show your venue to us & your imaginations – creative ideas, We will prepare the design & original sets which perfectly suits at your venue & will give your wedding a unique ,high class , beautiful , luxurious & lavish touch.
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